Barton Hill Jacobs

Barton Hill Jacobs
Barton Hill Jacobs is home to a flock of this wonderful heritage breed. We offer fleeces and breeding stock for sale.

One response to “Barton Hill Jacobs

  1. cecetkjacobs

    As I was getting ready for bed, I was just thinking how comforting it was to have all the animals locked up safe in the barn. All the ewes with their babies are sleeping. The cow is in her pen happily chewing her cud. The chickens are all locked up for the night. None of the animals are sick or about to give birth. Then I hear . . . baaaaaa. Oh yeah, then there’s the lamb downstairs in the dog crate. A friend who took care of her over the weekend named her Mabel because she looks like a cow and that’s a good cow name. Mabel was rejected by her mother. I found her huddled in the corner of the pen, obviously cold and hungry. Her mother kept pushing her away while happily taking care of Mable’s twin.

    Why do ewes reject lambs? My theory on this scenario is that Mabel’s mom had her first lamb last year and it was a single birth. She had twins about a week ago. I think she probably has the idea that she only has ONE lamb, not two, this one must belong to another sheep. Well, she’s mine now! We will keep you posted on how she and I cope!

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